Black is a character who has appeared in the Twisted Metal Series. He first appeared in Twisted Metal and then returned in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost as the driver of Manslaughter.


[edit] Twisted Metal


While it has not been confirmed, it has been speculated that Black from the original Twisted Metal, is the one who would later appear in Twisted Metal: Black. This creature was created by Mr. Ash, and it is strong enough to destroy the world. If this character is the one who ends up driving Manslaughter in Black, then it is possible that Black was stolen by Calypso for the Black universe to take out the other Calypso.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Black

Black drives Manslaughter in Twisted Metal: Black. His face is covered with the exception of his eyes with a mask with two zippers, one going along the top of his head and the other across his mouth. Nothing is known on his story in this game except he is on a mission to kill Calypso.

[edit] Info

Vehicle: Manslaughter

Age: 6

Disorder: N/A

Treatment: N/A

[edit] Twisted Metal: Lost

Little is done to Manslaughter in Twisted Metal: Lost except that he seems incapable of dying, and only has one goal: to kill Calypso.

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