Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden is one of the bosses in Twisted Metal (2012). Iron Maiden is a flying mecha that is as large as a skyscraper that is modeled after Dollface. It has faces on each side of her head, while one looks like Dollface's mask and the others are enraged twisted versions. She is the final boss for Mr. Grimm's story.

During the boss battle, the Iron Maiden will go through several stages. Sometimes during the stages, the player will be under fire from other vehicles and a barrage of missiles. Other stages of the Iron Maiden includes capturing the enemy faction leader and sacrificing them to a mobile missile launcher to launch them at the Iron Maiden to weaken it, similar to Nuke Mode. This has to be repeated, only the truck is no longer stationary and becomes mobile. There are three stages that will take out the giant mech and during this, a ring will appear in radius around the Iron Maiden and the player needs to stay inside of the ring to initiate the self destruct sequence. After dealing enough damage, she will fall and cling onto the bridge where Mr. Grimm will need to finish her before she falls of the edge.

Once she falls, there will be a moment where it seems to be over before the head of the mech returns and it is without the self detonation ring. After it is disabled, the fight will be over.

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