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No-Face as seen in Twisted Metal: Black.

No-Face or Frank "The Tank" McCutcheon is one of the contestants in Twisted Metal: Black. He drives the car Crazy 8. He wears a black suit with a dirty white shirt and black shoes. He's bald and his mouth and eyes are sewn shut.

He use to be one of the best boxers in New York and one day fought against Phil "The Drill" Marley, who he beat him so bad, that he needed surgery. His friend knew a cheap doctor who could fix him up but this doctor was angry about losing $20,000 in a bet that No-Face would win the fight. This doctor would sewn up his eyes and mouth after he removed his eyeballs and tongue.

After No-Face was released, he went crazy and went on a rampage to try and find the doctor, killing six people while in the process. He was soon sent to Blackfield Aslyum and eventually Calypso visited him and invited him to join the Twisted Metal tournament to try and gain revenge against the doctor. No-Face would accept.

Once he had won the tournament, Calypso would present the doctor to No-Face and have him tied to a punching bad. And as an added bonus, Calypso added a boxing glove with needles, scalpels, and other medical tools. He would then hit the doctor with a left hook and kill him.

[edit] Twisted Metal (2012)

While No-Face won't appear in the new Twisted Metal game, his boxing glove with all the medical tools attached to it, are confirmed to appear in the game.

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