Abandoned Skyscrapers


The Abandoned Skyscrapers is one of the levels found in Twisted Metal: Black. This level can be a bit risky since the player can kill them self if they fall off a ledge of the building.

[edit] Background

Little is known on why these skyscrapers are abandoned. Other skyscrapers can be seen in the background that look to be crumpled or dilapidated with smoke coming out from them. There is an airplane that has crashed onto one of the skyscrapers and is quite large compared to the vehicles. There is a cathedral to the north of the crash and vehicles can be crashed into it, breaking a section of the roof and the stained glass. East of the cathedral is a circular rooftop with fan vents that can prevent "instant death" like in Tokyo in Twisted Metal 3. South of this building is a lower rooftop that is under demolition, with wrecking balls seen nearby that can push an unexpecting player off the rooftops.

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