Amber Rose

Amber Rose
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal 3

Amber Rose would appear only once in the Twisted Metal series. Alongside her vehicle, Flower Power, she would appear in just Twisted Metal 3.

[edit] Twisted Metal 3

Vehicle: Flower Power

Amber Rose doesn't mind some twisted metal cluttering the landscape as long as it means it can be eventually reversed. After all the sludge-filled water and coughing up smog-clogged air, she wants to dish out 100% natural butt-kicking to her opponents. It has been said after a fight, she collects all of the scrap metal for recycling.

Info: Female, 22 yrs, born in Portland, Oregon

"The world is being ruined by these macho freaks driving around shooting and destroying things! Tiny forest creatures are in danger. Boycotts and picketing are useless. Fighting isn't cool, but its up to me to save our beautiful planet!"

Wish: To have the world covered in flowers.

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