Auger's Profile in Twisted Metal 3.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal 3
Other Appearance Twisted Metal 4

Auger is the second construction vehicle in the Twisted Metal Series. It would resemble a crane vehicle, except it would contain a gun turret and a drill. Auger would first appear in Twisted Metal 3 and would later appear in Twisted Metal 4.


[edit] Twisted Metal 3

In Twisted Metal 3, Auger would be driven by a construction worker named Buster Cobb. Buster would enter the Twisted Metal contest for revenge against the contestants who destroyed his smooth roads and left his buildings in rubble.

When Auger wins the tournament, his wish is to reveal his inner child. Calypso grants his wish by turning him into a baby.

[edit] Character Profile

"I've spent my whole life building what those Twisted Metal jerkies destroy in 20 minutes. They've torn up my smooth roads and left my buildings in rubble. I'll happily drill six foot graves for all my opponents!"

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: Sluggish
Armor: 4
Special Weapon: 4
Speed: 1

[edit] Special Weapon

Auger's special weapon would be the drill on the front of his vehicle. Using his drill, Auger will impale his enemy on his drill before he sends them flying.

[edit] Twisted Metal 4

Auger would return in Twisted Metal 4 as a boss for the Oil Rig level, alongside Mr. Slam. It is not known if Buster Cobb is controlling Auger, or if it is another driver. He would be renamed as Super Auger

His Special Attack would be the same as it was in Twisted Metal 3. Using his drill, Auger will impale his enemy on his drill before he sends them flying.

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