Blimp screen.jpg
Blimp level in Twisted Metal 3.

Calypso's Blimp is the eighth and final location in Twisted Metal 3. Unlike the previous locations in the game, the enemies will constantly regenerate if they are killed until the player destroys the switch on the top floor. Before the player can destroy the switch, the player will have to travel around the map finding 4 other switches and destroying them so that the lasers disappear on the big switch. Once the switch is destroyed, the enemies can be killed without them regenerating.

[edit] Boss


I'd like you to meet an acquaintence of mine. He goes by the name Primeval. Be careful, he's not as friendly as the other contestants have been! ~Calypso

Primeval is the last boss of Twisted Metal 3. He is the toughest boss in the game as he can use all special weapons and has high defense. Once he has been defeated, the player will win the Twisted Metal tournament. If beaten without help, the player will get the characters ending cutscene.

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