Cage is the first driver for Warthog that has an unknown background in the military. He would first appear as the driver in Twisted Metal: Black and would later return in Twisted Metal: Lost. His character and motives would change when he enters the contest.

[edit] Game History

[edit] Twisted Metal: Black


Cage would drive Warthog in this game. He is a serial killer that feels remorse for those he has killed, though it doesn't stop him from continuing to kill. He enters the contest, in hopes that Calypso can stop him from feeling remorseful for every time he

  • Age: ?
  • Disorder: N/A
  • Treatment: N/A

[edit] Twisted Metal: Lost

He would return in Twisted Metal: Lost as the driver of Warthog. His storyline seems to not have changed from Twisted Metal: Black.

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