Club Kid

Club Kid
Club Kid on the Character Select Screen in Twisted Metal 3.
Appearance(s) Twisted Metal 3

Club Kid is a character from the Twisted Metal Series. He makes his first and only appearance so far, in Twisted Metal 3.


[edit] Twisted Metal

Only known by the name, Club Kid is a raving partner that is always on the move. He moves from club to club and doesn't even change his clothes since he is on the move so much. He drives a mini cooper with a smiley face all over it.

Club Kid's wish for when he wins the tournament, is to party all night long. Calypso will grant his wish, with a twist by sending him to rave in Alaska, where the nights are "8 months long". It then shows Club Kid frozen solid at the end.

[edit] Character Profile

"I'm crashing Calypso's twisted party with my mighty disco ball and my smilin' stylin' micro car. No one at this shindig stands a chance once I cruise my way into that fly blimp. There'd better be some egg nog at my winner's bash!"

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: Tight
Armor: 2
Special Weapon: 3
Speed: 2

[edit] Special Weapon

Club Kid's special weapon would be a blue vortex that appears underneath the car. it will suck any enemy nearby into it as it grows bigger and bigger before it explodes and causes damage to the enemy.

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