Crimson Fury

Crimson Fury
Crimson Fury.jpg
Crimson Fury, as seen in Twisted Metal.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal (2012)

Crimson Fury was first introduced in Twisted Metal and would appear again in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl and Twisted Metal: Head-On. The car would be driven by Agent Stone in the original Twisted Metal and by Agent Shepard in Twisted Metal: Head-On. The car is a red Lamborghini Diablo.


[edit] Twisted Metal

Agent Stone enters the tournament after being hired by an underground freedom organization. Driving the Crimson Fury, he can outspeed any other competitor in the Twisted Metal tournament. It has red armor melting laser that can be deadly if used correctly. When he wins the tournament, he can obtain the object to liberate the world.

[edit] Character Profile

"Agent Stone has been hired by an underground freedom organization. His job is to use his prize to claim an object that could liberate the world!"

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Special Weapon: 2
Speed: 5
Handling: 5
Armor: 1

[edit] Special Weapon

Special Weapon: Crimson Blade

It will fire a weak laser directly at the enemy. It does not have any homing abilities.

[edit] Ending

Once Crimson Fury wins the tournament, Calypso tosses Agent Stone a heavy, iron box. It is a flight recorder box from a downed airliner. "You're a lucky man, agent. The Commander in the Army vehicle died tonight trying to keep you from getting that box."

Agent Stone smiles and says, "Well, that's the US government for you. Always trying to keep their people in the dark. Thanks Calypso..."

Speeding off into the LA night, Agent Stone listens to the voice on the flight recorder, he hears the sounds of an alien craft shooting down the plane. He finally has evidence and soon the world will know....that they are NOT alone!!!

[edit] Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Crimson Fury would return in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl. Controlled by a child that goes by the name Agent Stone. His special weapon has improved from the first Twisted Metal game.

[edit] Character Profile

Agent Stone is a young gentlemen who fancies himself to be a British Secret Agent! He enters the contest to stop Billy Calypso's bullying ways!

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Armor: 3
Acceleration: 9
Top Speed: 10
Handling: 6

[edit] Special Weapon

Crimson Fury's special weapon is 3 flaming paper airplanes at opponents. It has decent ammount of damage and Napalm affects.

[edit] Ending

Agent Stone confronts Billy Calypso in a computer room with his pet cat. Spraying the cat with a water pistol, the cat would attack Calypso.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Head-On

Crimson Fury returns in Twisted Metal: Head-On but with a new driver by the name of Agent Shepard. His Special Weapon would be similar to the one in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl. He enters the tournament to capture Calypso and end the tournament. He can only be unlocked if you complete the Death Race Challenge in Monaco.

[edit] Character Profile

Name: Agent Shepard

Vehicle: Crimson Fury

Tale of the Tape: Age: 34 -- Height: 6' 1" -- Weight: 200

[edit] Special Weapon

Special Weapon: Reticle Pulse Blast - It will fire a homing red orb at the nearest opponent.

[edit] Ending

Agent Shepard greets Calypso as he tries to prove he is a good guy, and wanted him to claim his prize. Shepard would refuse the offer, knowing Calypso was on the FBI's most wanted list.

"'No, you murder people for fun. You've hurt the innocent, the weak. You don't care about anyone or anything, except your precious contest. I'm here to take that all away from you and make you pay FOR ALL THE MISERY YOU CAUSED OVER THE YEARS!!!"

Calypso would order his guards to kill Agent Shepard, only for a swarm of FBI agent to swarm in and attack before putting Calypso behind bars. He would vow to seek revenge on Shepard when he escapes.

[edit] Twisted Metal (2012)


Crimson Fury retains it's appearance from past installments with the only difference is the paint job. It has the highest speed in the game and has similar special attacks to Axel and Kamikaze with his shockwave, though his will light his opponents on fire. His main special weapon is the Flamethrower, if he keeps the flame on his opponent long enough, they will have fire plumes burst out to cause extra damage.

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