Dark Tooth

Dark Tooth
Dark Tooth, as seen in Twisted Metal 2.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal 2
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal: Head-On!

Dark Tooth is an enlarged and heavily-armored version of Sweet Tooth. It is a black and purple ice cream truck and is driven by Charlie Kane (driver of Yellow Jacket and Needles Kane (drive of Sweet Tooth). It has only made two appearances in the series so far, debuting as the final boss in Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal: Head-On.


[edit] Twisted Metal 2

In Twisted Metal 2, Dark Tooth is the final boss of the game. He only appears after defeating all of the enemies on the Hong Kong area. A message will appear that signals the arrival of Dark Tooth:

Dark Tooth, Sweet Tooth's father, rises from the sewers.

"You killed my son!" he shouts.

"I want my little clown boy back!!!"

Dark Tooth will have two stages. When the player defeats the first form, the giant head located on Dark Tooth will begin to move on its own and will have to be defeated. Once defeated, the final message appears:


You are the winner. Prepare to meet Calypso

in New York and claim your ultimate prize.

[edit] Special Weapon

Special: Dual Homing Napalm Cone Missiles, Clown Ricochet Bombs, Flaming Headbutt

Dark Tooth is not a playable character but can be played by the use of a gameshark. It is only able to attack by ramming into other opponents, which causes massive damage. But using Dark Tooth, will cause glitches in the game.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Head-On

Dark Tooth is the boss in story mode for Twisted Metal: Head-On. The ice cream truck is indigo-colored with purple spots, with an large opening and closing 'mouth' on the front of the truck. This 'mouth' will be used as Dark Tooth's special and similar to Mr. Slam's. Dark Tooth is driven by Marcus Kane and Needles Kane.

[edit] Character Profile

Terrible things can happen when a man comes to grips with his dark side. Marcus has spent his life running from his nightmares. Needles has devoted his life to making his nightmares come true. When Marcus surrenders to Needles the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Marcus rational mind and Needles fevered insanity descend into a vortex of sinister chaos. The only possible outcome is the total annihilation of anything that stands in their path.

[edit] Vehicle Stats

  • Handling: 10
  • Armor: 10
  • Sp. Weapon: 10
  • Speed: 10

[edit] Ending

At the end of the game, Marcus Kane is seen running away from something, until he comes across Tower Tooth. He also finds Needles Kane and after a brief talk of if it was a dream or not, and whom Needles was and what the vehicle they saw was. Needles would decide:

"Too many questions. I think the best thing is to climb inside and look around...."

We would then see Marus and Needles climb into Tower Tooth and start up the vehicle.

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