Darkside, as seen in Twisted Metal 2.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal (2012)

Darkside was first introduced to the Twisted Metal Series in the first Twisted Metal. Darkside would appear in several Twisted Metal games. It is a black semi druck, driven by Mr. Ash in Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 3, and a younger version of himself in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl. Dollface would drive Darkside in its other appearances.


[edit] Twisted Metal

[edit] Character Profile

A massive vehicle with awesome power but slow acceleration.

[edit] Special Weapon

Darksides special weapon in Twisted Metal is called Death Blast. It will shoot out a tiny white ray at the target.

[edit] Twisted Metal 2

Darkside would appear in Twisted Metal 2 as a boss but the truck was dropped from the project. Darkside would of been then boss for the L.A. level.

[edit] Twisted Metal 3

Darkside would appear on the Washington level in Twisted Metal 3 as a boss. He could only be played by a cheat device.

[edit] Special Weapon

His special weapon would be called the 'Freeze Flamethrower, it would shoot a freeze missile and then use a flamethrower to torch your car.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Black

Darkside would be a playable character in Twisted Metal: Black. It would be driven by Dollface. Darkside would have a low speed rating, average control and special weapon, and a high armor rating.

The Special Weapon for Darkside would be a power ram. It will thrust Darkside forward with a great speed and ram opponents causing great damage.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Darkside would be an unlockable character in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl. His special weapon is capable of destroying opponents in a few hits. He has one of the best armors in the game, next to Trapper and Piecemeal.

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Armor: 10
Acceleration: 3
Top Speed:' 8
Handling: 4

[edit] How to Unlock

To unlock Darkside, just firing a Napalm at the butt of the plumber on Death Oven. Then go under and find the Darkside Icon.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Lost

Darkside would appear in Twisted Metal: Lost driven by Dollface.

[edit] Twisted Metal (2012)


Darkside is set to make a return in the new Twisted Metal game. Darkside's main special is a .50 Cal. Tri-Gun, the alternative special is currently unknown.

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