Flower Power

Flower Power
Flower Power on the character select screen in Twisted Metal 3.
Debut Appearance Flower Power

Flower Power made her first and only appearance in Twisted Metal 3. She has yet to make an appearance in another Twisted Metal game.


[edit] Twisted Metal 3

Flower Power is driven by Amber Rose in Twisted Metal 3. Her goal is to stop those who are endangering nature.

For winning the Twisted Metal tournament, Amber will ask for the world to be covered in flowers. Calypso would grant this wish with a twist and add giant meat-eating plants that grab Amber with their vines and attack her.

[edit] Character Profile

"The world is being ruined by these macho freaks driving around shooting and destroying things! Tiny forest creatures are in danger. Boycotts and picketing are useless. Fighting isn't cool, but its up to me to save our beautiful planet!"Flower Power, Amber's Volvo PV544

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: Tight
Armor: 2
Special Weapon: 3
Speed: 2

[edit] Special Weapon

Flower Power's special weapon is called "Flower of Power". It is a Giant Flower that will seek out an opponent and hit them with a pollinated blast.

[edit] Other Information

  • There is a secret password that will display an alternate character selection picture for Flower Power. It will feature her in a very short leather skirt.
  • She drives a Volvo PV544 in Twisted Metal 3.

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