Grasshopper, as seen in Twisted Metal 2.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal 2
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal: Head-On

Driven by Krista Sparks, Grasshopper made its first appearance in Twisted Metal 2 and later in Twisted Metal: Head-On. Her vehicle has low armor defense, a bad special weapon, but average speed and good handling.


[edit] Twisted Metal 2

Grasshopper makes its first appearance in Twisted Metal 2 Driven by Krista Sparks, a 15 year-old girl who had a car accident with her father and mother. Krista and her mother died in the accident but Krista would be rebuilt as a cyborg. She had believed that her father had also died in that car accident.

[edit] Character Profile

"I thought my dad was dead, but I was wrong. When they told me his name, I hit the floor. Could he really be my dad? When I win this contest we're gonna have a family reunion he'll never forget for the rest of his life (Which ain't gonna be too long)."

[edit] Vehicle Stats

  • Handling: Tight
  • Armor: 1
  • Special Weapon: 2
  • Speed: 3

[edit] Special Weapon

Grasshoppers special weapon is called the Leap n' Slam. What it does is Grasshopper will leap in the air screaming "Yee-haw!" before crashing down on top of her opponents.

[edit] Ending

When Grasshopper wins the tournament, she finds out that Calypso is her father and that he didn't die in the accident, but he received the scar on his face from that accident. It is also revealed that she was rebuilt by the LAPD to get close to Calypso and stop him to end the tournament. She asks Calypso to hold her one last time before she explodes.

"Hold me daddy, I'm just a machine now but I'm scared the explosion will hurt"

[edit] Twisted Metal: Head-On

Grasshopper returns as a spirit summoned by her father, Calypso. Her car gets a new design in Twisted Metal: Head-On but her stats stay the same.

[edit] Character Profile

Krista Sparks is the long dead daughter of Calypso. Calypso, and his entire family were killed in a brutal car accident. Calypso escaped from death by stealing a demon's powers, but he was not able to bring his family with him. Calypso attempted to rescue his daughter from the afterlife, but discovered that while he may be able to summon her spirit, it would only be temporary. In order for her to be truly live again she must win Twisted Metal and wish for this life herself.

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: 10
Armor: 2
Special Weapon: 4
Speed: 6

[edit] Special Weapon

Grasshopper would retain her special weapon from Twisted Metal 2. Renamed the Body Slam, she will jump into the air before coming crashing down on her enemy. There will be a green triangle that locks onto the target before. If hit, the target will be thrown.

[edit] Ending

Once she wins the tournament, Krista is ready to become alive again, but she is not happy with her father. The problem: "What's the problem? You didn't want to help me! You just want another contestant to kill all those innocent people! You destroy everything and run around like you own the world!"'

He would try to explain that "it had to be like this" and Krista wishes that the car accident that killed her and her mother never happened. But the car accident still happened, but it put her into a coma instead and Calypso visits her often.

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