Hammerhead Head On.jpg
Hammerhead, as seen in Twisted Metal: Head-On.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal: Head-On

Hammerhead is a monster truck vehicle that has appeared throughout the Twisted Metal series. Debuting in the original Twisted Metal and last showing up in Twisted Metal: Head-On. Its drivers have always been different.


[edit] Twisted Metal

Hammerhead is first driven by Dave and Mike. Dave and Mike aren't exactly sure on what they want to win if they win the Twisted Metal tournament. They are here mainly to hear what their new CD sounds like in the middle of a gun fight.

[edit] Character Profile

"A stolen monster truck, two high school drop outs, and a collection of hard rock CD's. What could possibly go wrong?"

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Speed: 1
Handling: 2
Armor: 4
Special Weapon: 5

[edit] Special Weapon

Hammerhead's Special Weapon is called Crusher. What Crusher does is it will crush an opponent underneath Hammerheads tires causing a great deal of damage.

[edit] Ending

Once Dave and Mike have won the Twisted Metal tournament, they approach Calypso. Calypso is confused at first as he reads that they want a new set of treads. They reply by saying it means tires. Still confused, Calypso says they could ask for anything and if they are sure if that's what they want. Dave and Mike respond that tires aren't cheap for a ride like Hammerhead.

Calypso finally refits the monster truck with a new set of crushing tires. Mike and Dave slam the truck into reverse and speed out of the garage, heading to the LA freeway to race down. Having the time of their lives, they vow to enter the next Twisted Metal tournament...but what prize could beat this?

[edit] Twisted Metal 2

In Twisted Metal 2, Mike and Stu are the drivers behind Hammerhead.

[edit] Character Profile

A Twisted Metal Poem by Mike and Stu

The clouds are the place we want to be..

Far above where we can see...

Down women's shirts

The End

[edit] Special Weapon

Hammerheads special in Twisted Metal 2 is called Stomp. This will allow Hammerhead to increase its speed and ram into other vehicles.

[edit] Ending

For winning the competition, Mike and Stu demand that they can fly. Once Calypso has granted their wish, they jump off the building, believing they can now fly, only to fall to their deaths. Calypso was actually giving them first class airplane tickets.

[edit] Twisted Metal 3

Hammerhead in Twisted Metal 3 would only be driven by one character this time, Granny Dread.

[edit] Character Profile

"My neighborhood used to be peaceful and quiet until the Twisted Metal contest came to town. Calypso and his crew left my neighborhood a burning rubble. I can't even hear my TV with all that racket. I'll run them out once and for all!"

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: Sluggish
Armor: 3
Speed: 1
Special Weapon: 3

[edit] Special Weapon

Similar to past Twisted Metal titles, Hammerhead retains the Stomp Special. It will allow Hammerhead to crash into other opponents for moderate damage.

[edit] Ending

When Granny Dread wins the tournament, she wishes to have peace and quiet while she watches TV. Granting the wish, Calypso straps her to her chair with a device to keep her eyelids open as she watches the television.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

In Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, Hammerhead is a monster truck RC car driven by a teen who wants to be nothing but a rock star!

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Armor: 8
Acceleration: 6
Top Speed: 5
Handling: 5

[edit] Special Weapon

Like past Twisted Metal appearances, Hammerhead will pounce onto another car with its special weapon. Spikes will come out of Hammerheads wheels as he will pounce on an opponent three times before jumping off.

[edit] Ending

When the teen who controls Hammerhead wins the tournament, he wishes to be a rock star! Instead Calypso will make him into a teen pop star!

[edit] Twisted Metal: Head-On

In Twisted Metal: Head-On, Hammerhead is driven by Catfish. Catfish enters the Twisted Metal tournament to claim a human trophy.

He can be unlocked by beating the Sky Track mini-game by placing first.

[edit] Character Profile

Catfish, a man who prides himself as the mighty hunter, decided to modify his favorite rig to compete in this year's Twisted Metal, because after all, it's just another form of hunting, though it's done vehicular style. Catfish's illustrious, and often illegal, hunting obsession has resulted in the collection of the head of every type of big-game creature he's been able to claim to proudly hang in his trophy room. Now, Catfish's ultimate dream is to hunt the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom--the human--in an all-out, man-versus-man struggle for the survival of the fittest in the raw wilderness.

[edit] Special Weapon

Hammerheads special weapon is the Ram Attack. Hammerhead will leap into the air and crush any cars underneath the vehicle.

[edit] Ending

Once Catfish has won the tournament, he is ready to claim the last animal trophy, the human. Even though he had killed many people in the tournament, he wanted to hunt a human like an actual hunter:

"I want one on one. Hiding in the bush. Just you and your best rifle against some real mean son of a gun! Some...soon to be hanging in you hallway animal!"

Next we see Catfish in a forest hunting for his prey. He finds a shadowy image of a person and he takes a shot at it, only to find it was a decoy before being blasted by Calypso. The hunter had just become the hunted and ends up on the mantle, along with his rifle and knife.

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