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Junkyard on the select screen.

The Junkyard level is a section of Midtown. It is the first location of the game in Twisted Metal: Black.


[edit] Features

Junkyard contains two car compactors, one is located in a wall that will crush cars horizontally, and the other is found near the back of the arena and will crush cars vertically. It also contains a ramp that is made from debris. There is a plane that is seen flying around in circles over the arena and can be shot down by a weapon. It also has a broken plane that will fire at any driver that drives near it.

[edit] Secrets

[edit] Warhawk's Roof

Players can unlock Warhawk's Roof on this stage. To do so, it must be done during Story Mode. The player will have to destroy the pizza man statue that is located near the vertical car crusher. Once destroyed, it will leave a ramp that can be used as a jump to get on top of the crusher when it lowers. Once on top, the player can find an icon that floats in the air before the crusher. Once the player collects the icon, the Warhawk's Roof location will be unlocked.

[edit] Yellow Jacket

To unlock the car Yellow Jacket, the player will have to destroy the plane that circles around the arena by using missiles. Once it has crashed into one of the buildings, it will allow the player to enter a hole and at the end of the tunnel there will be a control panel. Destroying it, will unlock Yellow Jacket.

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