Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the main location for Twisted Metal. It would end up as the first level for Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal 3. It is set to return in the upcoming Twisted Metal (2012) game.


[edit] Overview

All levels take place within the city and the surrounding areas in Twisted Metal. In Twisted Metal 2, it would have several skyscrapers seen in the background that look to be crumpled with smoke coming out of them. Los Angeles would be in ruins in Twisted Metal 3, as the level takes place on the highway, with the lower streets covered with lava. The Hollywood Sign can be destroyed when shoot at.

[edit] Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal would take place in many parts of Los Angeles that included the highways and suburbs.

[edit] Twisted Metal 2

Renamed the QUAKE ZONE RUMBLE, players are not restricted to the freeway and will need to defeat six other opponents on the outskirts of Hollywood.

[edit] Twisted Metal 3

The Great Earthquake of 2007 would shake up LA and leave it in rubble. The roads are crumbled ramps and the walk of flame can be blown to bits.

[edit] Twisted Metal (2012)

Twisted Metal (2012) will see players fight on the famous L.A. Skyline similar to the final level in the original Twisted Metal. This level will combine elements from the first three Twisted Metals and Black. In Nuke Mode, there will be a dome shaped rotating platform that will contain a pressure plate in the middle. One teammate will need to stay on the platform so that the enemy statue will appear so that it can be hit by a nuke.

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