Manslaughter first appeared in Twisted Metal: Black and again in Twisted Metal: Lost. It is a large dump truck that is driven by Black. It has low control and speed, but high armor and special ratings.


[edit] Twisted Metal: Black

Manslaughter is a big dump truck that has low control and speed but high armor and special. It is driven by Black.

[edit] Stats

  • Control: 3/10
  • Speed: 3/10
  • Armor: 9/10
  • Special Weapon: 7/10

[edit] Special Weapon

Manslaughter's special weapon is called the Boulder Throw. The boulders that are in the bucket of his dump truck will be heated and then launched ahead to create a wall of destruction. They will be spread out evenly, which will help for striking multiple enemies. It can be shot from behind, when done this, Manslaughter will just lift up its bucket and dump the rocks like a normal dump truck.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Lost

Manslaughter would return in Twisted Metal: Lost though nothing would change from his appearance in Twisted Metal: Black.

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