Minion, as seen in Twisted Metal 2.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal: Black

Minion is a common contestant that appears throughout the Twisted Metal series excluding Small Brawl and Head-On. He serves as a boss in most of the Twisted Metal games, though he can be unlocked. Minion is driven by a minion that operates a tank(an APC tank or a BTR in the 4th Twisted Metal), or a tanker truck in Twisted Metal: Black.


[edit] Twisted Metal

Minion makes his first appearance in Twisted Metal. The backstory is that he is "last year's winner" even though it is not clear what his wish was for when he won the tournament. He appears as the final boss of the game on the Rooftop level and cannot be played in the game.

He has access to all of the special weapons in the game.

[edit] Twisted Metal 2

Minion would return in Twisted Metal 2, as the boss of the Amazonia. He can be unlocked by the use of a cheat code, which is L1, UP, DOWN, LEFT. When he wins the tournament, he wants Calypso to give him back his powers that he stole from Minion.

He is considered to be the best character in the game because of his high speed and armor. His special weapon is considered one of the best and will recharge quickly. His speed is his weakness because he is a big target and make him harder to move around in smaller areas.

When all the opponents on Amazonia are defeated, the following quote appears:

"I must win! Calypso and I have a score to settle!" he yells, as he comes after you with a vengeance!

[edit] Character Profile

You found me. I don't know how but now you and I are linked...'We are one... on a mission to find the man who took our life. Our power, together, we shall bring down Calypso!

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: Intermediate
Armor: 5
Special Weapon: 5
Speed: 4

[edit] Special Weapon

Quad Missiles is Minion's special weapon that fires three homing missiles and a freeze missile. It causes a ton of damage as it is the strongest special weapon in the game.

[edit] Ending

Once Minion has won the tournament, he meets Calypso. He's not there for a wish, but to get revenge on Calypso for stealing his powers and "stripping me of MY birthright" eleven years ago (according to Minion). Calypso is intimidated and Minion forces him into hell as Calypso begs to be spared, but Minion says, "Time to rot in hell with your little sister", before dropping him.

[edit] Twisted Metal 3

Minion returns in Twisted Metal 3 as the boss of the London level after defeating five opponents on the level. He is one of the strongest characters in the game and can move really quickly and do major damage if hit by his special weapons.

He can be playable by using this cheat code: Right, Right, Right, Left, Left.

[edit] Character Profile

I may be nightmare material, but I dress a helluva lot better than every other slouch in this tournament. My tank will flatten your sorry ass if you irk me, so stay outta my way! But if you can beat me, you can help me hunt down Calyspo.

[edit] Vehicle Stats

  • Handling: Average
  • Armor: 5
  • Special Weapon: 5
  • Speed: 4

[edit] Special Weapon

Minion's special weapon stays the same as it was in Twisted Metal 2. He will fire three homing missiles and a freeze missile that cause massive damage.

[edit] Ending

For winning the Twisted Metal tournament, he wishes to spend an eternity in Hell. Calypso grants his wish by sending him to Hell, Michigan, where it always snows.

[edit] Twisted Metal 4

As the boss of Minion's Maze, Minion returns in Twisted Metal 4. He retains the same special seen in previous games but under a new name called Serpent. He can be unlocked after completing the game once.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Black

In Twisted Metal: Black, the tank does not return. Instead Minion is a Tanker-truck that is driven by Marcus Kane (Sweet Tooth's split personality). It has a shield protector that can be shut down when four switches on the front, left, right and back are destroyed. His special weapon is a flamethrower at close range and a homing fireball at long range. He is a sub-boss at Minion's Stadium, which is also an unlockable arena.

Minion can be unlocked after completing the game with every character in the game. He is reduce to 'normal' size so he can be used. During the load screen on each level, there are a series of numbers instead of words shown. These numbers can be translated into words. 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc. Here are is what you get when you translate the numbers:

1. I do not think this is real. 2. I must speak in code or he will discover me. 3. We are trapped in his head. 4. This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life, it is not real. 5. All of us are trapped in his head. 6. I miss the old colorful world. 7. We will return to old world one day. 8. In the real world my name is Marcus Kane.

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