Nuke Mode

Nuke Mode

Nuke Mode is one of the modes set to appear in the upcoming Twisted Metal game as one of the multi-player modes. It will be able to be played online and the main focus of this mode, is to use teamwork by using one's faction: Clowns, Skulls, Dolls, or Preachers. The goal of this mode, is to destroy the statue of the opposing faction's leader by using nuclear missiles. The team will have to capture the enemy faction leader, and once they are captured, they will drag their body to the launch site and hold him in the yellow perimeter for a period of time before 'sacrificing' him to the Launcher. Once done, it will award the team with a remote missile and they will have to guide it to the statue to cause damage.

Scoring will come when the enemy statue is hit with a nuke, or when you defend your statue for the entire time.

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