Primeval's appearance from Twisted Metal 3.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal 3

Primeval is the final boss in Twisted Metal 3. His vehicale is a roll cage and is the boss of Calypso's blimp level.

[edit] Twisted Metal 3

"I would like you to meet an acquaintance of mine. He goes by the name, Primeval. Be careful, he's not as friendly as the other contestants have been!"

-Calypso introducing Primeval in Twisted Metal 3.

Once you have taken down all of the other contestants on the Blimp level, a message appears, "Prepare to battle Primeval". He is tough, and is able to use all the special weapons in the game and is durable and fast. Once you have defeated Primeval, another message appears saying, "You've won the Twisted Metal Contest!" and you view your ending.

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