Quatro, as seen in Twisted Metal 4.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal 4

Quatro made his first appearance in the Twisted Metal series in Twisted Metal 4. The character who drives the car, is a four armed alien bounty hunter searching to capture criminals that are in the Twisted Metal contest.


[edit] Character Profile

"Wanted criminals are my prey. If you are, you can run but you cannot hide. Give youself up at once. Why would I ask you twice... if you're dead?" Special Weapon: Microwave- Quatro sends out a pulse of microwave radiation around his hover trike that severly damages his opponents.

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: 5
Armor: 1
Special Weapon: 2
Speed: 5

[edit] Special Weapon

Quatro's special weapon is similar to Axel's Shockwave. Quatro sends out a pulse of radiation that surrounds his hover trike that does damage to his opponents.

[edit] Ending

Quatro doesn't have a wish for winning the tournament. He is here to arrest Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth and his goons try to attack Quatro but before they can, the galactic police ship arrives and orders them to surrender.

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