Reaper in Twisted Metal
Appears In Twisted Metal (2012)

Reaper is one of the vehicles that appears in Twisted Metal (2012). It is a demonic bike that is used by Mr. Grimm and his stunt riders.

It's primary special weapon is his chainsaw that can be thrown at his opponents and can home in a little bit. If the player tilts the left analog stick down, Reaper will pop a wheelie and drag his chainsaw on the ground until it ignites on fire. it is considered to be the strongest weapon in the game and can kill most of the weaker vehicles in one hit. The flaming chainsaw does not have homing though.

His secondary special weapon is an RPG that will make him stop while the rider draws a rocket propelled launcher and will aim and fire. It will act like a remote bomb in midair and can be detonated before it even hits an enemy or obstacle.

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