Shadow, as seen in Twisted Metal 2.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal 2
Latest Appearance Twisted Metal (2012)

Shadow is a playable vehicle that was first introduced in Twisted Metal 2. It would go on to appear in Twisted Metal: Head-On, Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, and Twisted Metal: Black. Shadow would have more than one driver throughout the games as Mortimer would be the driver in all games except Twisted Metal: Black.


[edit] Twisted Metal 2

Mortimer is the keeper of lost souls, he searches out murders to get revenge for those they've killed. His next target is Calypso, the host of the Twisted Metal tournament. And he wants him dead. Mortimer drives Shadow in the tournament in hopes to win and face Calypso.

[edit] Character Profile

"What he took from them can never be forgiven or replaced. What they have hired me to do is their only hope. They are in the back right now and resting quite peacefully, but I promise, they will have their revenge."

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: Intermediate
Armor: 3
Special Weapon: 4
Speed: 3

[edit] Special Weapon

Shadow's special weapon is the Soul Shadow. The Soul Shadow will launch a shadow image that can be detonated at any time. It regenerates fast and go through walls.

[edit] Ending

For winning the tournament, Shadow tells Calypso that he has a gift for him. His gift, is the souls that have been killed throughout the Twisted Metal tournaments. These souls carry Calypso all the way up in the sky where he lands on an airplane wing and escape.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Head-On

Shadow returns with Mortimer Scharf as its driver. His wish is "to go back to eternal rest".

[edit] Character Profile

Mortimer, a former caretaker of Wayward Souls, has long since gone back to rest in his coffin. One night, some kids are goofing around near Mortimer's grave. One of them reads the "Gone but not forgotten" inscription on the tombstone and drunkenly decides to see if that's true. They dig up the grave and wake up Mortimer. This upsets Mortimer as he finds he can't go back to sleep. Exhausted and desperate to go back to his eternal slumber, Mortimer enters Twisted Metal hoping Calypso can put him back to sleep.

[edit] Vehicle Stat

Handling: 5
Armor: 4
Special Weapon: 8
Speed: 6

[edit] Special Weapon

The Soul Shadow is a violet projectile that explodes when it is triggered. The explosion can hit multiple enemies at the same time and it is able to go through walls as well.

[edit] Ending

Once Mortimer wins the tournament, he tells Calypso that he is tired. Curious, Calypso asks how it happens and Mortimer explains:

"I'm not entirely sure. The last thing I remember, I was resting peacefully......Ever since then, I haven't been able to go back to sleep."

Calypso would ask if he wanted to use his wish to get revenge of those who awakened him but all Mortimer wants is to go back to sleep. Mortimer is then seen sleeping in his coffin with a teddy bear in hand that Calypso gave him and as well Calypso tells him a story. It is a short story about Mortimer's role in the tournament. Once finished, he closes the coffin and snoring can be heard from within the coffin.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

Shadow returns in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl. Controlled by a boy named Mortimer, he enters the contest to get his pet frog back from Calypso.

[edit] Character Profile

Shadow is controlled by Mortimer - an odd, gangly boy who enters the contest to win back his pet frog from the clutches of the evil Calypso!

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Handling: 6
Armor: 6
Acceleration: 5
Top Speed: 4

[edit] Special Weapon

Shadow will launch a Grim Reaper that detonates at will. It has some homing but doesn't do much for damage.

[edit] Ending

When Mortimer meets with Calypso, Calypso tells him that he can have his frog back because it makes to much noise. Mortimer then explains that the frog has to be exposed to some kind of radiation and quickly leaves the scene:

"On second thought, you can keep the frog."

His secret base would then collapse as it reveals a giant frog as Calypso gets swallowed by a frog.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Black

In Twisted Metal: Black, the driver of Shadow is no longer someone by the name of Mortimer. Instead a girl called "Raven" drives the vehicle.

[edit] Character Profile

She got the name "Raven" because of her obsession with the black bird and because of her black make-up and dark clothing she wears. Although she never really associates with anyone, people always tease her and her small group of friends. Until one day her friend fell victim to a prank gone wrong, so she aims to set things right.

[edit] Special Weapons

For the first time in the Twisted Metal series, a character would have two special weapons. Shadow's first special is the Shadow Burst. Similar to the special weapons in the past games, she will launch two quick orbs and a shadow that is detonated at will.

Next is her Raven Gunner. Which ejects Raven from the roof and uses a machine gun to shoot at her enemies.

[edit] Twisted Metal (2012)


Shadow makes a return in the upcoming Twisted Metal game. Not much is known about Shadow right now.

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