Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth gameplay in Twisted Metal: Head-On

Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane is the main character and mascot of the Twisted Metal series. Sweet Tooth has been in every Twisted Metal game to date and is featured on most of the box arts. He is easily identified by driving an ice cream truck, with a clown head on the top, appearing similar to that of Sweet Tooth's actual head. He is a serial killer clown with a flaming head.

[edit] Twisted Metal (2012)


Sweet Tooth returns in the upcoming Twisted Metal game. His story will be based on his character, like how he got his mask. It would later be confirmed that he made the mask himself. His story also focuses on "the one that got away", which was the first girl that he failed to kill.

His story will have three different endings, it will depend on the difficulty on which ending the player will get.

His vehicle is able to turn into a robot and has the ability to fly(while eating up your turbo) and does a shockwave when it lands. It will throw its clown head at opponents while being able to go through solid objects

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