Twisted Metal (2012)

Twisted Metal
Limited Edition Boxart.
Developer Eat Sleep Play
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America
Release Date North America: February 14, 2012
Platform Playstation 3
Modes Single player, multiplayer
Rating (M) Mature

Twisted Metal (2012)(also referred as Twisted Metal PS3) is a game developed by Eat Sleep Play for the Playstation 3. It was released on February 14th, 2012 though it was originally planned to be released October 4th, 2011 but was delayed for tweaks and to fix bugs. It is the eighth installment in the Twisted Metal series.


[edit] Story

Similar to previous titles, players will fight in a contest in order to earn their prize. There are only four playable campaign characters to choose from, but you are able to use any vehicle. The three characters to choose from are: Sweet Tooth, Dollface, Preacher and Mr. Grimm. Each character will have 3 endings, depending on the difficulty.

[edit] GamePlay

Twisted Metal focuses a lot on multiplayer combat, this includes various online game modes that will allow up to 4 player split-screen action, and 16-player online. A new online mode called Nuke Mode, will let a player choose a faction to play as and face off against another faction. Their are four factions introduced in the game: The Clowns, The Dolls, The Skulls, and The Preachers. Each faction will have a giant metal statue that is held in the air by a helicopter, which the other faction will need to destroy. To do so, the one faction will need to abduct the enemy team's leader and then sacrifice the leader to a missile launcher that will launch a nuclear missile. The player who sacrificed the leader, will control the missile launcher and launch it at the statue. They will need to do this three times before they win.

All four factions have their own campaign modes. The clowns could have a death match in level 1, while the Skulls have an endurance challenge in the first level. They will do things differently in there story, unlike other games where everyone has to do the same thing. The factions will have a beginning, middle and three different ending movies that will depend on the difficulty played. Levels will have 3 collectible medals; bronze, silver, and gold. These medals will be used to unlock items like skins, side arms, or characters.

[edit] Maps

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Pick-Up Weapons

  • Fire Missile
  • Homing Missile
  • Stalker Missile
  • Power Missile
  • Swarmer Missile
  • Napalm
  • Remote Bomb
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Ricochet Bomb

[edit] Side Arms

Like previous installments in the series, these are weapons that do not run out of ammo, and can be fired by pressing the R2 button on the PS3 controller. Players will be able to choose from a short list of weapons, each with pros and cons with using them.

  • Mounted Guns
  • Submachine Gun
  • 12 Ga. Shotgun
  • Rockets
  • Magnum Revolver
  • Laser Pistol

[edit] Special Weapon

  • Rat Rocket - Vermin
  • Chain Gun - Talon
  • Magnet - Talon
  • Minigun - Presumably all cars
  • Chainsaw - Reaper (motorcycle)
  • Magnet - Roadboat
  • Piloted Gurney - Meat Wagon
  • Health Drop - Junkyard Dog
  • Taxi throw - Junkyard Dog
  • Zoomy Missles - Death Warrant
  • Mecha Sweet Tooth - Sweet Tooth
  • Roll up into ball and run over people - Axel
  • Shockwave - Axel

[edit] Other Weapons

  • Nuke Rocket -

[edit] Contestants

[edit] New Contestants

  • Death Warrant - a Ford Mustang.
    • Special: Chain Gun/Zoomy Rockets
    • Speed: 4, Armor: 2, Special: 4
  • Juggernaut - a semi-truck
    • Special: Drop Mines/Charge-Up Drop Mines (up to two allies can enter the trailer and control
    • Speed: 1, Armor: 5, Special: 4
  • Kamikaze - Type of Race car
    • Special: Flame Thrower/Shock Freeze
    • Speed: 5, Armor: 1, Special: 2
  • Meat Wagon - a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance
    • Special: Piloted Gurney/Gurney bomber
    • Speed: 2, Armor: 3, Special: 2
  • Roadboat - similar to a '60s Chevrolet sedan
    • Special: Magnet Ricochet/Hood-mounted Magnet
    • Speed: 3, Armor: 3, Special: 3
  • Reaper: a motorcycle
    • Special: Chainsaw/flaming chainsaw
    • Speed: 4, Armor: 1, Special: 5
  • Talon - a helicopter
    • Special: Magnet, Tri Gunner
    • Speed: 3, Armor: 1, Special: 5
  • Vermin - a rodent catcher van
    • Special: Homing Rat Rocket/Piloted Rat Rocket
    • Speed: 3, Armor: 3, Special: 2

Drivers and cars look to be interchangeable in this game. Reaper hints at the possibility of cutomizable cars and as well drivers.

[edit] Returning Contestants

  • Axel
    • Special: Shockwave, Spike War Wheel (Axel is encased by his wheels as they close up around him and dealing massive damage)
    • Speed: 4, Armor: 1, Special 4
  • Crimson Fury (Specials will change by release)
    • Special: Flamethrower/Shockwave
    • Speed: 5, Armor: 1, Special: 2
  • Darkside
    • Special: .50 Cal. Tri-Gun/Unknown
    • Speed: 2, Armor: 4, Special: 4
  • Junkyard Dog
    • Special: Taxi Slam/Team Health Drop
    • Speed: 1, Armor: 4, Special: 1
  • Outlaw
    • Special: Grenade Launcher/ Turret Fun w/ Autolock
    • Speed: 3, Armor: 4, Special: 3
  • Roadkill
    • Special: Chain Gun/Drop Mine
    • Speed: 4, Armor: 2, Special: 4
  • Shadow
    • Special: Death Coffin/Piloted Death Coffin
    • Speed: 3, Armor: 3, Special: 4
  • Sweet Tooth
    • Special: Sweet Bot/Laughing Death
    • Speed: 3, Armor: 4, Special: 4
  • Warthog
    • Special: Mega-Gun Turret/Super Crush
    • Speed: 1, Armor: 5, Special: 4

Each car will have two Special Attacks, instead of just having one Special Attack.

[edit] Unlockable Characters/Bosses

[edit] Rumored Vehicles

David Jaffe said he would release these cars as DLC, depending on how well the game sold.

[edit] Car Abilities

Another returning feature to the game is car abilities. In the past, the player would use the d-pad, the player will be able to perform special attacks, such as freeze missiles, a shield, invisibility, mines, and rear firing. It is unsure if the d-pad will be used for this again but the default attacks are:

  • Up - Freeze (E.M.P. Missile)
  • Right - Shield
  • Left - Mine - 10 damage
  • Down - Rear Fire
  • L1 + R1 = Jump and the height will vary per vehicle. Axel can jump the highest.
  • Ram is another ability that a vehicle can do and the damage will depend on the vehicle. If a light vehicle were to ram a heavy car, the damage won't be as great.

[edit] Custom Paint Shop

A custom paint shop has been confirmed for this game. Not much is currently known about it.

[edit] Modes

  • Deathmatch - A classic battle between two to four players.
  • Team Deathmatch - Classic Deathmatch with teams.
  • Endurance - Players will destroy enemies that will respawn until the player is defeated.
  • Race - Players will have to win a race and use checkpoints to extend time.
  • Team Hunted - One player on both teams is the "Hunted" which means they will be targeted by everyone on the other team.
  • Nuke - Two teams will compete to try and destroy the other team's statue that's suspended in the sky before the other team destroys yours. The player will first have to capture the faction leader, who will be manning a turret and bring them to the yellow ring surrounding the missile launcher. Once the launcher is prepared, you will sacrifice the faction leader and gain control of a missile that will be piloted towards the statue while avoiding enemy fire. Doing this two more times will win the match.
  • Last Man Standing - Similar to Deathmatch, the player will have a specific amount of lives. The last player remaining will win.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Single Player

  • Sweet Tooth - Marcus "Needles" Kane
  • Doll face - Ms. Sparks
  • Mr.Grimm -
  • Preacher - Jebadiah(Not playable).

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