Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2
252px-Twisted Metal 2.jpg
North American Boxart
Developer(s) Sony Interactive Studios America (production)
SingleTrac (development)
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date(s) North America; October 31, 1996
Japan: August 28, 1997
Europe; February 1997
Platform Playstation, PC
Modes Single Player, Multiplayer
Genre Vehicular combat
Rating ERSB: T

Twisted Metal 2 (or Twisted Metal World Tour in Europe and Twisted Metal EX in Japan) is the second game in the Twisted Metal series. It was released in 1996 for the Sony Playstation and the PC. Twisted Metal 2 takes place a year after the first Twisted Metal game and takes place around the world instead of being in Los Angeles.

It would be later re-released on the Playstation as a PlayStation Greatest Hits game. It would also be released for download in North America on the Playstation Network.


[edit] Plot

From the FMV in the options menu of the game:

Calypso: My name is Calypso. Exactly one year ago on Christmas Eve, my Twisted Metal contest destroyed the City of Angels. Down below, life has come to a halt, as survivors struggled to stay alive.

Man: Calypso! Calypso, what have you done?! What have you done?!

Calypso: All the city awashed in flames, nothing left to destroy. I face a dilemma: where will this year's Twisted Metal contest take place? Fourteen of the world's best drivers have already been chosen, ready to battle to the death in the hopes of becoming the victor, and to claim whatever prize their brave hearts desire. But where will the contest be held? Ah. The world will be my battleground. Paris, Hong Kong, even Antarctica! There will be no safe zones this year, no places to hide. In the next twenty-four hours, the entire world will know my name. They will see my beautiful work of art, first hand. No one will be safe. I promise you that. Good luck driver, and welcome to Twisted Metal.

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Single Player

  • Tournament
  • Challenge Match

[edit] Multi-Player

  • Challenge Match
  • Co-Op Tournament

[edit] Contestants

Twisted Metal 2 would see a total of fifteen contestants featured in the game. Seven contestants would be from the previous Twisted Metal, while five new characters would be introduced. The old contestants would return with new changes to their personality, looks, or vehicle design.

  • Roadkill: Marcus Kane joins the tournament to find out if it is real or imaginary.
  • Twister: Driving a Formula 1 car, she enters the tournament to go faster than anyone else has gone before.
  • Axel: He wants to be able to confront his father who trapped him in the 'hellish contraption.'
  • Mr. Slam: Driving a construction vehicle, he wants to be able to build the largest building ever.
  • Shadow: He wants to help those who died in the Twisted Metal tournaments get revenge on Calypso.
  • Hammerhead: They want to be able to fly.
  • Outlaw: Joins the tournament to find her brother who disappeared after previous Twisted Metal.
  • Warthog: Tired of being old, he joins the tournament to have a body of a 20 year old.
  • Mr. Grimm: He wants to bring destruction and chaos to the world to feed on more souls.
  • Grasshopper: She is looking to find out what happened to her father, who she believes is dead.
  • Thumper: Wants to be the control of the world.
  • Spectre: Joins the tournament so everyone could know his face.
  • Sweet Tooth: Driving the infamous Ice Cream truck, Needles Kane doesn't want too be far from anyone. A code is needed to unlock him.
  • Minion: He enters the tournament to get revenge on Calypso, he is also the boss of the Amazonia level. A code is needed to unlock him.
  • Dark Tooth: He is the final boss that appears in Hong Kong Krunch. He can only be unlocked by using cheats.

[edit] Areas

These are the areas found in Twisted Metal 2:

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