Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket on the character select screen in Twisted Metal.
Debut Appearance Twisted Metal
Other Appearances Twisted Metal: Black
Twisted Metal: Lost

Yellow Jacket is a taxi cab that first appeared in Twisted Metal. It would later make appearances in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost. Yellow Jacket is considered to be a well rounded vehicle in each of the Twisted Metal games it has appeared in.


[edit] Twisted Metal

Yellow Jacket is driven by Charlie Kane, a man who lived the lonely life as a cab driver in the Big Apple. He would join the Twisted Metal tournament to seek out his missing son. He is the father of Needles Kane, better known as the driver of Sweet Tooth.

[edit] Character Profile

"An old and lonely cab driver from the streets of New York. He has enter Calypso's contest to learn what happened to his son, a young man who disappeared 20 years ago."

[edit] Vehicle Profile

"Speeding in from the mean streets of New York, Yellow Jacket is one of this year's most well rounded competitors."

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Special Weapon: 3
Speed: 3
Handling: 3
Armor: 3

[edit] Special Weapon

Yellow Jacket's special weapon is the Molotov Cocktails. Shooting out these bottles of good stuff, they are set aflame and provide effective damage.

[edit] Ending

All Charlie Kane wanted, was to have the chance to drive. In order for Calypso to grant this wish, he gives him a red potion that makes him mortal. Once done, Calypso asks Charlie Kane to find competitors for the Twisted Metal tournament next year. Charlie's response "Sounds good to me, baby!"

[edit] Twisted Metal: Black

Driven by Charlie Kane once more, Yellow Jacket would return in Twisted Metal: Black. The vehicle has average stats again like it did in Twisted Metal, but its special weapon has been given a small power boost.

Charlie Kane, use to bring his youngest son along with him in his taxi cab, though he refused to talk to his son about Marcus "Needles" Kane. One night, a passenger would shot and kill Charlie Kane in front of his son. Instead of leaving him, his son would use his skills to make a mechanical savant and build a controller to restore Charlie's body, back to life. He would control the body so he wouldn't be alone. Calypso would visit him in the asylum and promise to make everything better if he won the Twisted Metal tournament. He would enter the tournament and use his fathers body to drive Yellow Jacket.

[edit] Vehicle Stats

Yellow Jacket would return as a more beat up taxi cab. It's special weapon is considered to be one of the better special weapons in the game. It's armor, speed and handling would all be average like the previous game.

[edit] Special Weapon

Yellow Jacket's special weapon would get a change in Twisted Metal: Black. Spikes would emit from the vehicle and the player will have the choice to fire all spikes in a 360 pattern that hits anyone surrounding the vehicle, or the player can choose to fire a single spike or fire ball that has a longer range. If Yellow Jacket rams into a player with the spikes sticking out, it will dish out a great deal of damage.

[edit] Ending

After winning the tournament, Charlie's son would go to Calypso to claim his prize. It would end up being a trap as Calypso would destroy the controller and stop Charlie's body from functioning. Calypso would take the son and use him as his heir so that he can continue the tournament when Calypso passes on. Calypso had originally intended to use Marcus "Needles" Kane as his heir but the boy had killed him during the tournament.

[edit] Twisted Metal: Lost

Similar to Twisted Metal: Black, Yellow Jacket would return as Charlie Kane being controlled by his son. Yellow Jacket would be weaker than it was in Black. The son sets out to kill Sweet Tooth and then kill himself to end the Kane family bloodline.

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